Canadian Sinfonietta plays Schubert

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LIVE recording of the Canadian Sinfonietta with members of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Arthur-LeBlanc Quartet. Recorded at Heliconian Hall in Toronto the group plays the Schubert Quintet in C Major Op.163, D.956. More info on the group here.

Heliconian Hall is an interesting venue. Not a large space, it holds about 100 people comfortably with a stage that can accommodate a small chamber group with piano. I’ve recorded in different configurations and find the most balanced tonally to be in the centre of the room. The stage lacks the depth you can achieve with the longer first order reflections and the clarity of being able to close mic with ample space around the players.

For this recording, I used a Royer SF24 stereo ribbon along with a spaced pair, 22″, of Schoeps MK2’s. The centre pickup was approximately 60″ off the floor and 36″ of in front of the group, taking care to keep the 90° pickup in check for the blumlein pattern.

I’ll explain mixing in another instalment.

HIBIKI KOBAYASHI, violinist of Arthur-LeBlanc Quartet
JOYCE LAI, concertmaster of the Canadian Sinfonietta
MÁTÉ SZŰCS, principal viola of the Berlin Philharmonic
BRUNO DELEPELAIRE, prinicipal cello of the Berlin Philharmonic
ANDRÁS WEBER, prinicipal cello of the Canadian Sinfonietta

Schubert Quintet in C Major Op.163, D.956.
I. Allegro ma non troppo – 0:15
II. Adagio – 14:45
III. Scherzo. Presto. Trio. Andante sostenuto – 28:45
IV. Allegretto – Più allegro – 38:45